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2011 - 2014    Wirral Metropolitan College                BA (Hons) Degree - 1st Class - Fine Art

2014 - 2016    Liverpool John Moores University       MA Degree - Distinction - Fine Art and Theory

2018 - 2019    Uclan/Wirral Met                               PGCE - Outstanding/Good - FE & HE Education

2023 - TBC     Sheffield Hallam University                PhD candidate 





2016/18         Liverpool Biennial Associate Artist  





2014    Nov    Griesbadgalerie, Germany

2016    Apr     ALN, Albany, New York, USA

2016    Aug    Cultural Centre, Vanha Paukku, Finland

2017    Jun     ACSL, Yerevan, Armenia

2017    Aug    Tetley, Leeds, UK

2017    Aug    SWAP - UK/Ukraine, British Council, Municipal Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2017    Sep    Vasl Association, Karachi, Pakistan

2018    Apr    Theatre Research Institute, Melbourne, Australia.


2020    Feb    Residency 1111, London, England.

Curating & Existential House

2021   Sep     Jay Chesterman - All we have left is an illusion

2021   Oct     Jacq Bebb -  Every inch of the surface

2021   Nov     Amy Russell - The Last Cartwheel

2022   Jan     Daniel Marsh - All Ready Made

2022   Feb     Rudolph and the Schwazkoglers - Inside that Skull

2022   Mar     James Schofield - Terracotta Dreams

2022   Apr     Joe Fletcher Orr - The End.

2022   Aug    We Are All Going To Die (Various Artists)

2023   Jun     The Extended Gallery ll - Curated by BlipBlipBlip - Russia.

2023   Jun   




Apr   Threshold Festival, Online.

Jan   Curating My Bedroom, Online, Hulabhaig Gallery.


Aug   If these walls could talk, Restaurant Village, Karachi, Pakistan. 

Apr   Trojan Horse, Karachi, Pakistan.

Feb   The history of an orange, Residency 1111, London, England.


May   One night stand - Cité Internationale des arts - Paris, France.

Feb   Ambit 236 - Tate Modern terrace, London, UK.


Feb   Mantel - Copperfield Gallery, London, UK

Mar   SWAP - UK/UKRAINE - Yermilov Centre, Ukraine

Apr    Microwave 25 - West Space - Melbourne, Australia

May   No Play - TBP-HQ - Melbourne, Australia 

Jun    We Are Where We Are - Baltic 39 - Newcastle, UK



Oct     I arrived at the circus twenty minutes past eight + Parrot Reflection + Performance - Karachi Biennial, Karachi, Pakistan

Aug    SWAP UK/UKRAINE, Municipal Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Aug    Standing in self made puddles - Performance intensive, The Tetley, Leeds, UK

May    Step Ladder - Light Night, St Nicholas Church, Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool, UK


Sep     Finland does not exist - A Particular Act, CBS, Liverpool

Sep     Behind the Lights: All blonde people should be shot - DTS/ Part One, Griesbadgalerie, Ulm, Germany.
Sep     Behind the Lights: All blonde people should be shot - Vanha Paukku Cultural Centre, Lapua, Finland.
Jul      Parrot Reflection -  Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool.
Jun     Parrot Reflection - Fantastic Rubbish, MAKE, Liverpool (MA Final Show)
Apr     Parrot Reflection - What's in it, ALN, The Mill, New York, USA.  

Mar     The best burger in New York City - Straddling the fence, Bridewell Gallery, Liverpool 


Oct     Challenging a brick - Furtherfield, Frequency Festival. Lincoln.

Jun     I have achieved nothing - Disconcerting beauty. Royal Standard, Liverpool. 



Dec    Untitled - Griesbadgalerie, Ulm, Germany.  


Nov    Stone and wood - Private performance at Camp and Furnace, Andy Warhol After Party, TATE, Liverpool.  


Jul     Challenging a brick - Hazard, Word Of Warning, Manchester.  

Jun     Water from bag, spat into glass, poured into bag - Fading, Anatum's Abode,  London.  

May    Water from bag, spat into glass, poured into bag - Untouchables. Flying Dutch Man,  London. 


May    Placing shredded paper onto a shelf - Degree Show. Williamson Art Gallery. 


Jan     Dropping a stone into a bucket - ]PerformanceSpace[ Hackney, London. 






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