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The illusion as reality.

The actor and character are confused as to whose line it is next.

Using knowledge obtained in the illusion to comment upon reality is extending the notion of the illusion within the fabric of constructed scripts. Characters were once distant from the actor. Now, the actor and character are confused as to whose line it is next and what scene they are in. 

Observing a person create an illusion is not enough to understand it as an illusion. An illusion is reality. The magic seems real because the magic has become real.  Imagine being one of the items within a magic trick. The item accepts such things as reality as the trick has been designed around the existence of that item. If the magic, within its design, did not pay homage to the item, in some sense, there would be obvious discrepancies that highlight it as an illusion. With that said, if the trick included dancing elephants, fireworks and glamorous assistants, there would be ample distractions to entertain the item and make the item forget the small, but obvious signs of it being a magic trick. Imagine a reality like that existed. Distractions become the notion of concertation and desires are replaced with the desires of others. 

The electrical lump of matter that sits inside the collagenic and calcified cage is vastly complicated yet easily reprogrammed and manipulated. The thought system within the lump of matter can conclude that one day it will cease to function. The same thought system can become distracted from such ideas if offered a reward, ultimately leading it astray from necessities.  Unfortunately, the reward is an illusion that has been emphasised as significant within the illusion. With such outcomes, the chasm of existence is ironed out into a single fabricated sheet with linear objectives and conceptions. An item placed within the fabricated sheet becomes a stitch that strengthens the fabric. This creates a predestined objective for the item to be a stitch. A collection of stitches, connected and working together. The narrative adds significance upon the stitch's existence as a cooperative and meaningful thing, working together for the fabric of reality. This ideology is not only absorbed as a personal endeavour by a single stitch, but as a collective endeavour that all stitches use to validate the existence of other stitches by. 

Anything opposite to such a purpose will rendered a stitch uncooperative, rebellious or useless to the fabric of reality. The fabric is accepted as reality, as is the ideology that keeps the stitch in place.  For the stitch to reject itself as a stitch will disrupt the thought system of that stitch to the point of destruction. To reject such a label will result in removing that label and all of the connotations that accompany it.

The need to be naked

In accordance with the fabric of reality with which it has removed itself from, the stitch is deemed and feels useless, outcasted and lost. The nature of conditioning is the process of training or accustoming something to behave in a certain way or to accept certain circumstances. The circumstances being that there is a fabric of reality and the acceptance is that within this reality an item must be a stitch. Once removed from such conditions, the item has not observed or experienced how it can exist beyond the fabric of its predestined reality. The item must understand that it is paramount to see itself naked.  Without separation, conceptual conflict is inevitable as past ideologies fight against newfangled thoughts and visions, eventually overthrowing the new and returning to the old. Conditioning has created a safety blanket of familiarity and acceptance back within the fabric of reality. 

The fabric of reality is a tablecloth that lays upon the sun hidden grass in a park with trees, rivers and wildlife. Upon the cloth, weavers have taken a break to have a picnic. Unfortunately, the weavers themselves are not free from the fabric of reality. While they are not labelled stitches, they are weavers who are stitches. Their purpose is deeply embedded in the purpose of a stitch which in turn champions their purpose as a weaver.  Due to conditioning, the reality beyond the illusion is not reality, as we see the illusion as reality and reality as the illusion. 

Conditioning will demand a purpose; a definition of what an item is, will or should become. Connotations flood the lump of matter and induce the system into a delusional coma, thrusting the illusion of reality into the gaps of anxiety; anxiety that allows an item to exist as an item and nothing more. Influential dogma has been consistently beaten away by progressive ideologies as a thing of liberation. Yet, at the same time, the liberation of the magic trick, where the illusion is catered to the existence of the individual items involved, is in full motion.

Unfortunately, items will never find a meaning for reality within an illusion. The item must leave the illusion to see the illusion. Only then can an item begin seeing itself beyond a stitch within the fabric of reality and beyond the label of an item within the illusion of necessity. 

In the meantime, feel free to enjoy the dancing elephants, the colourful fireworks and the glamours assistants. 

By Stephen Sheehan

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