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Jay Chesterman 

All we have left is an illusion, 2021.

Woolwich.  2014 

Oil on board, 26 x 36 cm.

(Edition 1/12)


Outerman: “a basic bubble machine". 2021

Installation. 190 x 182 cm.

Bubble machine, Bubble fluid, wood and clingfilm.


As I observe the nature of society, I am witnessing the importance society is placing and dedicating towards each 'updated' moment, which in turn, destructively renders the previous moment obsolete. Each moment is a step towards creating a 'simulated perspective' leading to what Jean Baudrillard would define as a distorted hyperreality.  The title of the show 'all we have left is an illusion' is a quote from Baudrillard highlighting ideas of simulation in our reality. Our modernity is constructed under a formative state of change that moves us forward into an unfamiliar existence. A great example of this is the use of media in our society. As it constantly changes, adaptation requires us to change behaviourally to our times. I'm interested in the selection of mediatic platforms deemed as important, and the effect it is having on our consciousness.

I'm becoming more conscious of the pace of information. The continuous consumption of mass media distorts our outlook how we perceive reality.  Amongst the mass amounts of information, I find my interest lies within short lived parts of culture that in their ephemerality in fact hold great importance. I believe that the biggest comment on the movement of something is for it to be stopped.  Nothing I'm saying is new or revolutionary. Although we are aware of the distortions to our reality, it is our own found acceptance and idiosyncratic nature to feed, share, comment, post which is the distortion that is welcomed to modify the 'real' in our reality.   

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