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Karachi Biennial -  Stephen Sheehan

Corridor 8 -  Behind the lights: All blonde people should be shot.

Ambit Magazine edition 236 - We are giants standing on mountains.

Corridor 8 -  We are where we are - Baltic 39.

Steffan Hughes Jones -  Stephen Sheehan at the Liverpool Biennial

Art week -  Stephen Sheehan

The Double Negative -  This deadly serious.

Sudwest Presse -  Der Brite Stephen Sheehan zeigt irritierende Aktionen in der Ulmer Innenstadt

Lapuan Sanomat  -  When it rains, go outside. -  Episode 1: Stephen Sheehan

The Liverpool Echo -  Mersey artist stops shoppers.

We Are Where We Are: Presented by Liverpool Biennial with BALTIC-

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