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All Ready Made

Daniel Marsh b. 1998


Bunting I. 2021

paint skins on elastic

Bunting II. 2021

paint skins on elastic

Bunting III. 2021

paint skins on elastic

Untitled (The Slow Death of Painting). 2003

poster paint on canvas, 25cm x 25cm


The discipline of painting has long been declared dead, bypassed by more convenient forms of representation. Sculpture and installation practice greater territory for newness and scope for three dimensionality, whereas painting remains confined to its surface and material limitations.

The works on display maintain the dimensionality of surface painting, yet are countered with suspense and installation. 

Defects within the paint represent unchallenged and autonomous material forms. As the work dried, material was deliberately left unresolved. It appears as abject, yet figuratively is a celebration. These adverse factors inform a commentary on genre, reproducibility, and longevity within artwork.


“A painting lays on the gallery floor as an object, associating its elevation with low art values. The work has an authentic patina of mould on its surface. It was made with no intention of exhibiting it; now the work exists as a ready-made object.

After curating the painting, it appeared to ‘observe’ the works above; both became in dialogue materially and conceptually. This relationship acknowledges how alternative meanings within Painting can be created through installation.”

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