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Existential House

Unit 1
Woodside Business Park
CH41 1EP

About Existential House

Existential House is an independent art gallery that aims to facilitate challenging and experimental work. We offer artists space and support to challenge and push their own ideologies and practice to broaden the context of art making and the relationship ones art has within society.

Existential House not only facilitates exhibitions but accommodates the running of educational programmes and openly works with educational institutions to hopefully broaden the conceptual landscape within the field of Art and beyond.

While Existential house works with invited artists, we have an open policy towards exhibition proposals. Proposals will not be judged upon the artists sexuality, race, gender, religion, demographics, age, disability or any other discriminative factors. All proposals will be carefully considered and chosen based on the quality of the proposal and whether the exhibition is of interest to Existential House. 

All exhibitions run for a 3 week period. However, we do also facilitate and welcome shorter exhibitions, one off performances or one day events. Existential house has a keen interest in works that explore the existential and pose questions towards the reality of existence. 

If you have any further questions and wish to obtain more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

Exhibition space Measurements  

The measurements below are for the area in which the work is displayed. The overall size of the unit is bigger. In regards to lighting, there is one single bulb that illuminates the space. Existential House has a small step into the gallery. Toilet facilities are available on the business park where the gallery is located.  Parking is available. 

 Width = 300cm      Length = 530cm      Height = 310cm    


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